Calum Hood Steals Zayn Malik’s Hair

Never mind Calum Hood’s scandalous nude Snapchat video — what in the world is the 5 Seconds of Summer singer doing with Zayn Malik’s hair?

Okay, while Hood didn’t physically remove the One Direction singer’s famous locks and superglue them to his freshly-shorn scalp, his latest trip to the salon was seemingly inspired by Zayn’s famous look circa 2012. When you’re in competition for the same demographic, some people might call this a slap in the face. Since Malik and his bandmates own a slice of the 5SOS empire, we’ll just call this extremely good marketing.

According to Unreality TV, Calum Hood’s latest ‘do has generated a fair amount of interest from fans and detractors alike on social media. While we can’t say that their complaints are completely warranted, Hood probably should have anticipated such a response from Directioners. Those folks are a dedicated bunch, not to mention insanely protective.

Have a look at Calum’s Zayn Malik-inspired hairstyle below.

calum or zayn malik? the world clearly knows its calum hood because the world isn't 100% ignorant

— bella (@dreamyashton) August 30, 2014

Here’s a handy comparison, in case you’ve forgotten what Malik looks like.

The folks over at Sugarscape also noticed that Calum Hood was rocking a style similar to Zayn’s ‘do from two years ago. Is that too soon?

“Cal Pal’s had a bit of a punk rock makeover this week, adding in some bleached blonde streaks to his dark brunette swooshy fringe, and it sort of reminds us a bit of that swirly chocolate spread that they sell sometimes. Lovely jubbly.”

We’ve spent a few moments discussing Hood’s new look, but what do fans think of his hair? After taking a few minutes to dig through the depths of Twitter, we unearthed a handful of reactions. You can find these responses lurking below.

There's not enough pictures of Calum hood and his new hair out there

— Daniel the Lion (@daniel5sosx) August 28, 2014

When you're dead but Calum Hood decides to dye part of his hair blonde

— Luke follow Diana!! (@unfreezinglouis) August 27, 2014

What do you think about Calum Hood’s new look? Can you honestly blame the guy for getting inspired by Zayn Malik’s 2012 hairstyle?

[Lead image via Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images]