Tim Tebow Is Still Being Drafted In Fantasy Football, Even Though He’s Not Playing

While Tim Tebow has not been recruited to any NFL team this year, more people drafted him to their fantasy football teams than they did Chad Henne, the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

At the time of this post, ESPN is reporting that the former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback is owned by 1.3 percent of fantasy teams, while Henne is owned by 0.8 percent. Tebow, who hasn’t played a game since 2012, even ranks higher that several backup quarterbacks including Oakland Raiders’ Matt Schaub and San Francisco 49ers’ Blaine Gabbert.

It’s a different story for Yahoo’s fantasy football league. Tim Tebow is not even listed as available for people to draft, while Henne is owned by 2 percent of teams, and 1 percent own Cousins.

So, why are people drafting Tim Tebow to their fantasy teams if he is actually not playing this year? It’s uncertain. Charles Curtis at The Star-Ledger speculates that the people who drafted him are still holding out hope that he will play this season.

“Maybe that 1.3 percent of you think an NFL team will magically pick him up and suddenly insert him into the starting lineup and that he’ll actually have enough success to be relevant in fantasy,” Curtis writes.

Curtis added that he found it “really weird” that “any fantasy team” has Tim Tebow on its roster this season.

Even though Tebow isn’t on an NFL team’s roster this season, his name is still being brought up as a possibility for teams that are having trouble with their quarterback lineup. In a related report from The Inquisitr, the St. Louis Rams had discussed recruiting Tebow after their starter, Sam Bradford, suffered a season-ending injury last year. They ended up not taking him.

But with Bradford out for the season again this year, many wanted the Rams to sign Tebow in his place.

Rams better get Tim Tebow. I’m dead serious

— Thomas Trent (@AH_T___Twice) August 27, 2014

However, the Rams chose Shaun Hill as their starter, and ESPN reporter Nick Wagoner posted on Twitter that head coach Jeff Fisher said the team would be “sticking with” him.

Do you think any team will pick up Tim Tebow?

[Image credited to Jayne Kamin-Oncea — USA Today Sports via Fansided]