McKayla Maroney Was Underage In Her Leaked Nude Photos

McKayla Maroney was underage in the nude photos of her that leaked on the internet following a major hack. According to TMZ, Maroney’s attorney sent a letter to to get the inappropriate photos of the gymnast taken down. It’s one thing to not want your nude pictures on the internet, but it’s another when said nude photos are of someone under the age of 18. Maroney just turned 18 in December.

“Another attorney for the gymnast sent a different letter to multiple websites stating Maroney owns the copyright on the hacked photos. The legal claims by her attorneys are a strong indication the photos really do show McKayla — even though she said on Twitter they were ‘fake photos.'”

McKayla Maroney did in fact deny that the nude photos of her were legit. This infuriated fans, according to The Inquisitr, who wished she just admitted it like several other celebrities have. Several people tweeted Maroney, telling her that lying about the photos made her look “stupid.” Some of the pictures were reportedly taken in the teen’s own bedroom, so that makes them hard to deny, which many fans were quick to point out.

the fake photos of me are crazy!! was trying to rise above it all, and not give “the creator” the time of day.. BUT..

— McKayla Maroney (@McKaylaMaroney) September 1, 2014

shout out to my fans for defending me all day long.. even when things got weird u stood by me. and that meant the world

— McKayla Maroney (@McKaylaMaroney) September 1, 2014

Now that McKayla Maroney’s lawyers have stepped in, it’s pretty much confirmed that the nudes floating around are of the Olympic athlete. Naturally one has to wonder why a teenage girl would even take naked photos of herself… or why she hasn’t gotten in trouble — since that is technically child pornography… but it’s unclear who took the photos, for what purpose, and who the photos were shared with if anyone.

According to FOX News, several people have realized that the nude shots of Maroney are inappropriate because of her age. Reddit, for example, has banned any and all photos of the gymnast. On Tuesday, Reddit sent the following message out to users.

“Effective immediately: any images/galleries/torrents/megadumps/etc containing McKayla Maroney or Liz Lee will be immediately due to the fact that they were underage (<18) in the photos taken.”

Images shared of Maroney will be considered child pornography and anyone sharing or duplicating the photos may face legal consequences.

[Photo courtesy of Kpopstarz]