September 3, 2014
Melissa Rivers Only Accepting One Outcome, Clinic Suit Not Considered, Yet

Melissa Rivers is facing life and death decisions with her mom, Joan Rivers, as she remains on life support. However, a family member says she will only accept one outcome: Joan will recover fully from the medically-induced coma.

An unnamed source close to the Rivers family described Melissa's state of mind on the outcome for each passing day her mother remains comatose. And while it's not a situation reserved for everyone, Joan Rivers' daughter, up to this point, has proven to be lucid and taking a glass-half-full approach, citing an ET Online report.

"There is only one outlook Melissa is looking at now -- She's like, 'When my mother wakes up…,' 'When my mother see this and that …' There is only one trajectory she sees this going in the direction of, which is positive. She refuses to acknowledge any other outcome than Joan coming out of this."
Since the tragedy began -- as one can imagine with the advent of social media -- many rumors surfaced about the condition of the veteran comedienne. Some said she was near death while others reported Joan Rivers died.

Recent rumors painted a brighter outlook: Melissa Rivers' mom was out of the coma and on the mend. However, in a previous report by The Inquisitr, it was learned that Rivers was still on life-support.

All that is known up to this point is that Rivers, 81, remains sedated and connected to machinery that keeps her alive. Doctors have begun the painstaking process to wake her, but doing so takes a number of days. Given the fact that Joan has been unconscious since Thursday, the procedure is very delicate.

Until then, Melissa and others close to her mother, remain in a delicate wait-and-see phase, as the prognosis is uncertain. In spite of the current conditions with her mom, the TV Guide Channel host is not thinking of Joan Rivers in the past tense as some tabloids have begun to.

Regarding the possibility that the outcome may be grim, the family, especially Melissa, understands that Joan wouldn't want her loved ones to be consumed by this moment in time. That said, the source reported that what must be done will be done but at the proper time.

"We won't be having this conversation a week from now. If this is the decision to be made, the decision will be made swiftly, but not easily."
Oftentimes, matters like this require survivors to decide if civil action is necessary in order to punish the alleged person or party responsible for an act of negligence, in this case, Joan Rivers' death, should she pass away.

However, to address this now would be putting the cart before the horse. And while rumors are starting to surface that suggest Melissa, who likely has power of attorney over her mother's affairs, is nowhere close to thinking about suing the clinic where her mother underwent throat surgery, and stopped breathing during the operation. It's premature, at best.

"Melissa is in no condition to think about a lawsuit. Melissa is not talking about that. Others are. Close friends are. But no one has said anything to Melissa. Melissa doesn't have the bandwidth right now to think about that."
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