‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Struggles To Eat Healthy Post Pregnancy

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans gave birth to her second son a little over a month ago, and she has been learning how to balance being a new mother with going to school. Evans wants to do everything right with this baby, so she decided to breastfeed Kaiser. But since everything she eats and drinks will influence the baby, she needs to have a certain diet in place.

Before she got pregnant, she was all about the creamy Alfredo pasta dishes and loaded potatoes, but now, she has to eat healthy. And Nathan Griffith wants her to eat more vegetables. But that is easier said than done.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she is really struggling to eat broccoli and other vegetables.

“I don’t want broccoli but I promised (Nathan Griffith) I would eat healthier,” Jenelle wrote on Twitter earlier today.

I don’t want broccoli but I promised @GroundLevelUp I would eat healthier.

— Jenelle Evans (@PBandJenelley_1) September 2, 2014

One would think that she would be motivated to eat healthy since she is breastfeeding. Of course, many of her followers had plenty of rude comments, but she didn’t really pay too much attention to them. When asked why she didn’t like broccoli, Evans had a very simple answer.

@MrsBlade12 @GroundLevelUp idk I hate all veggies

— Jenelle Evans (@PBandJenelley_1) September 2, 2014

“Idk I hate all veggies,” Evans replied.

Jenelle Evans has to be very careful about what she eats, because Kaiser is still very young. He has to feed every two to four hours and Jenelle probably isn’t getting lots of sleep. Evans may easily reach for the unhealthy snacks at night rather than carrot sticks.

Evans hasn’t really shared too much about her current eating habits, but Nathan feels that his future wife should focus more on the healthy foods than junk food. And given that she breastfeeds, it is possible that many people understand his concerns.

According to The Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans recently took her son to the doctor’s office to get his shots. She revealed that she hated seeing him sad and crying over the shots, but she never mentioned anything about Kaiser doing poorly or being unhealthy. In other words, Kaiser appears to be getting everything he needs.

Before getting pregnant, Evans was often working out with Nathan and she would share her progress on Twitter. While she didn’t always follow a strict diet, Evans did share some food pictures online of them eating somewhat healthy.

Do you think Jenelle Evans should eat better? What food suggestions do you have for her?

[Image via Wetpaint Entertainment]