Calum Hood Claims Boys And Girls Can’t Just Be Friends

In the wake of the Fappening, the major online leak of celebrity nudes, many female celebrities are recovering from having their private photos exposed to the public. One of the members of the Australian punk rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum Hood, is going through a similar process. After a Snapchat video of him exposing himself to a female fan went viral on the internet, Calum Hood is looking to get his career back on track. While some suggest the Snapchat leak might have been a publicity stunt, Calum Hood tweeted that he’s just a teenage kid learning from his mistakes.

And one of the things Calum Hood claims to have learned is that being a celebrity comes with a lot of extra baggage. Not just the risk of online humiliation, but also the difficulties of maintaining relationships with other celebrities. According to Unreality TV, Calum has come out saying that males and females can’t simply be friends without the relationship turning into something bigger. Hood revealed in an interview with Teen Now magazine that platonic friendships between two people of the opposite sex are doomed to turn into a romantic relationships.

When Calum Hood was asked if boys and girls can’t simply be friends, he responded:

“They can’t – no way. It always happens…”

When Hood was asked to elaborate on what exactly happens, Calum replied:

“IT, bro!”

Calum’s band 5 Seconds of Summer recently released their debut self-titled album in June, but they’re already hard at work on their follow-up release. According to Music News, Calum and his band mates agree that their newest album is going to have a much more mature sound.

“I don’t know if it’s different,” band member Michael Clifford said about the new album. “It’s just maturing.”

Calum Hood told MTV News that he and the band have learned a lot over the years. Fans can attest to the truth of that. Not only is Calum maturing a little too quickly for comfort, it seems Calum is admitting to learning a lot of lessons, even some embarrassing ones.

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