‘Madden’ Glitch Puts Tiny Little Player Up Against The Big Boys

In real life, Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey is six feet, two inches tall and weighs 235 pounds (according to NFL.com). But in Madden15, thanks to a glitch, he’s rendered a mere 14 inches tall and playing for the Tennessee Titans, ESPN is reporting.

Gamers have taken to calling the glitch ‘The Tiny Titan,’ and it occurs in the game’s ‘Madden Solo Challenge’ mode.

Despite his small size, Mini-Kirksey hasn’t lost any of his prowess on the field. Here is a video, posted by YouTuber Shake4ndBake, showing the glitch in its full glory. You can see Mini-Kirksey holding his own against regular-sized NFL players.

He’s hard to see, but that’s him at :40, just to the right of #99’s shoulder, casting a rather large shadow for such a wee, little fella.

Twitter use @FreshCarbon did even better, tweeting a screen shot of the Tiny Titan recovering a fumble:

For his part, the real Christian Kirsksey seems to be taking the glitch in stride.

The Madden NFL series of video games, published by EA Sports, dates back to 2000 (excluding earlier incarnations of the game), is named for former Oakland Raiders coach, and longtime NFL broadcaster, John Madden, who refused to be associated with the game unless his one, very specific demand was met: early in the game’s creation, he insisted that the game realistically include all 22 players who would ordinarily be on the field at a time in video gaming when that was a tall order.

“If it’s not 11-on-11, it’s not real football. That was a deal breaker. If it was going to be me, and going to be pro football, it had to have 22 guys on the screen. If we couldn’t have that, we couldn’t have a game.”

That decision would prove to be the Midas Touch. According to ESPN, Madden is one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time, selling nearly 100 million copies and bringing in over $3 billion.

Searching for and exploiting video game glitches (and posting the glitches on YouTube) is something of a hobby among hardcore video gamers (see this Inquisitr article). Whether the Madden “Tiny Titan” glitch is intentional is not known as of this post, but it very well could be that the glitch was put there intentionally as an Easter Egg for gamers and to generate some free publicity for the game (and it’s succeeding, since this article is giving the game free publicity).

Have you found any other glitches in Madden 15? Let us know below.

Image courtesy of: ESPN