Diana Nyad Quits Swimming Marathon After Jellyfish Stings Worsen

Diana Nyad has ended her swim from Cuba to Florida after doctors warned her that any more Portuguese man o’ war stings could prove to be life threatening. Nyad had become swollen in her face and body as the man o’ war continued to pound her during the record breaking swim.

According to team member Vanessa Linsley she wasn’t happy about claiming defeat:

“She’s pissed. Nobody blames her. There isn’t anything that can change this … there’s nothing that has to do with your swimming capabilities. You can’t control mother nature.”

The 62-year-old swimmer completed 49 out of 103 miles through the Florida Straits and at one point she cut eye and mouth holes through a swimmers cap to avoid more stings. According to Newser at approximately 11:30 AM doctors told Nyad that the toxins from the stings were building up and even one more could cause permanent injury or even death.

Last month Nyad attempted to complete the exact same swim but had to give up her attempt after a severe asthma attack left her unable to swim.

Nyad has not said whether or not she will attempt the swim at another time, given her love of endurance sports and unwillingness to give up I wouldn’t be surprised if she does so when less man o’ wars are present.

Do you thin Diana Nyad can complete the journey if complications don’t get in her way the next time around?