Casey Anthony ‘Pregnant With Twins’ Hoax: There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Last Thursday the National Report website, which claims to be “America’s #1 Independent News Source,” published a controversial article alleging that Casey Anthony was pregnant with twins.

This is an excerpt from the article to give you a clearer picture of the allegations, which are believed by most to be a hoax:

“Previous reports on Anthony’s lifestyle in the three years since she was released from prison have described her as being withdrawn, and living like a hermit. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in 2013, claiming to be unemployed and possessing no source of income. She met with agents and publishers in New York last year, hoping to cash in on her notoriety by writing a book but was unable to close a deal. Casey currently appears to live off of a few benefactors who reportedly pay for all of her living expenses. But the days of needing to live off of others may soon be coming to a close for Anthony.”

Based on her reputation, you might believe by now that the allegations are true. After all, most people wouldn’t put such a thing past a character like Casey Anthony.

The National Report then goes on to make claims about Casey’s New York agent, although no one thinks he really exists:

“Casey’s New York agent, Jeremy Nieven, confirms that she is indeed four months pregnant with twins, and that she has signed a contract for an initial six episode reality television series that will showcase her pregnancy and subsequently her babies.”

On top of the fact that no other media outlets have reported on the alleged Casey Anthony pregnancy, the National Report itself has a reputation for being a satire publication that often features hoax stories about celebrities.

Nevertheless, the Casey Anthony ‘Pregnant With Twins’ hoax garnered several thousand likes and shares on social media and many believed the rumors to be true.