Casey Anthony's Attorney May Have New Evidence In Caylee's Death

Casey Anthony rose to fame as the most hated woman in America after the disappearance, and later death, of her daughter Caylee became the focus of a criminal investigation. Casey was known as a party girl and was caught in lies about the whereabouts of Caylee and whose care she was in. Media interviewers, such as Nancy Grace fed on the case for months and the public followed closely. Jose Baez, Casey's attorney was successful in proving her innocence, leaving many unanswered questions surrounding Caylee's death. In a shocking turn of events, 3 years after Caylee was acquitted of murder, new evidence might point to the real killer.

Casey Anthony was caught in many lies, some she stuck to even after they were proven false. However, throughout the entire trial she was adamant that she did not kill her daughter Caylee. Jose Baez stuck with Casey through the trial and rose to fame after defending Casey and pushed blame over to her father George, accusing him of sexual abuse toward Casey Anthony and playing a role in Caylee's death.

According to Jose Baez,

"There's more evidence that she drowned in the pool in my opinion than there is that chloroform or duct tape,"
Baez has not stated where the new information has come from, but has denied that Casey has been doing research for him. He also stated that rumors of being romantically involved with Casey are not worthy of a response. Despite the negative press he has received for defending Casey Anthony, he has opened a new practice in downtown Orlando and sticks to his belief that Casey is innocent.
"So many people think she got away with murder. I think not.You can't say a person got away with murder. Quite simply, the only people who were not biased said 'no',"
Despite the new evidence, there may not be a new trial as Casey Anthony attempts to reemerge herself into society and live a normal life once again. If the case were to become active again, with a focus on George, Judge Blevin Perry would not be seeing over the case. After 25 years as a judge, Perry has decided to go back into private practice and has joined the Morgan and Morgan Law Firm. Chances are, if asked, he would not be a lawyer for either side of a potential case.

What are your thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict? Do you believe George played a part in the death of Caylee?

[Photo Courtesy: Dr. Lillian Glassbody Language Blog]