June 16, 2013
Brad Pitt Says Inglourious Basterds Part 2 Could Happen

Brad Pitt spoke with NPR this week and he let it slip that the smash hit Inglourious Basterds could be getting a sequel from director Quentin Tarantino.

When talking about the scar on his characters face during the movie Pitt revealed:

"[Tarantino] said it would never be explained in [Inglourious Basterds] and if he ever does what he called a prequel-slash-sequel, then we'll reveal it then," he told Fresh Air. "He talks about [a sequel], but he's got several things percolating at once."
The idea that a prequel or sequel of some sort would arrive at some point in the future shouldn't shock fans of the first movie, especially when considering it was Tarantino's biggest blockbuster to date having earned more than $320 million worldwide.

Tarantino for his part revealed plans for a sequel in 2009 when he told Vulture that he was already 40 pages into the next chapter.

In the meantime Quentin is working on Django Unchained with Jamie Fox.

Would you be willing to head back into the theater to see a sequel or perhaps even a prequel for Inglourious Basterds? I personally felt that Tarantino didn't wrap up enough at the end of the movie or provide enough back story when it began so either way I would be happy to see another installment from the past or moving forward with other characters.