‘DWTS’ Cast Leak: Sharna Burgess Partner Speculation Heats Up With New Clue

Updated: Now PureDWTS has confirmed Sharna’s partner as well, so the celebrity list appears to be complete. Will the full DWTS cast leak list pan out to be accurate? It would be a shocker, given the history of these sources, if anything varies from the leaked list. Will fans tune in to check out this group?

Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars begins soon, and the DWTS cast leaks are hot and heavy right now. Most of the DWTS spoilers on the cast have already made it out ahead of Thursday’s official announcement, but there was one mysterious pairing left. A new photo shared by the show on Instagram is getting people buzzing with guesses. What’s the latest?

The DWTS cast leaks via Twitter user @DWTSGossip, the site PureDWTS and other insiders have already pinned down 12 of the 13 couples, and things look extremely solid in that sense. Celebrities dancing include Janel Parrish of Pretty Little Liars, Lea Thompson of Back to the Future, Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Alfonso Ribeiro of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, among others. Race car driver Michael Waltrip and Olympian Lolo Jones ensure there are some sports figures in the mix, and there’s even a YouTube star and fashion designer.

Up until now, there was only one pro, who happened to be added at the last minute, whose partner hadn’t been spoiled via the DWTS cast leaks: Sharna Burgess. Now Dancing With the Stars fans have an image to dissect, as the show posted a DWTS spoiler on Instagram. Is Sharna partnered with a heavy hitter?

The guesses on the Instagram post are running rampant, with many wondering if it could be Darius Rucker, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Sinbad or CeeLo Green. Granted after the recent sentencing and Twitter fiasco of The Voice star, it’s a good bet that CeeLo will be off the radar for a bit. Some even were guessing maybe it was Kanye West, but of course that’s not the right answer either. Prior to the photo being posted, some fans were guessing names such as John Stamos, Michael Sam, Nash Overstreet and Rob Lowe, but PureDWTS shot down all of those possibilities. Could any of the newest guesses be right? It seems perhaps not.

According to @DWTSGossip, it seems that Sharna Burgess’ partner may be radio and talk show host Tavis Smiley. There are no hints on Smiley’s Twitter page so far that he is involved in Dancing With the Stars this season, and none of the other reliable DWTS cast leak sources have had a chance to comment on the guesses yet.

Given the DWTS cast leaks out already, with official word coming on Thursday, which couple seems likely to do well this season? Many are already anxious to check out Witney Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro, and others are betting on Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish. It doesn’t look like there are any couples that will be as heavily favored as Maksim Chmervkoskiy and Meryl Davis were last season, but perhaps that’ll make things a bit more interesting in a sense.

Some say they are underwhelmed by the season 19 cast, though others are excited for some of the names being shared. Julianne Hough joins the show as a fourth judge, and it all gets started Monday, Sept. 15. What do you think of the DWTS cast leaks so far? Is Sharna Burgess’ partner indeed Tavis Smiley?

[Image via Instagram]