New Cancer Radiation Study Stopped, Deemed Too Successful

Here’s something you won’t hear too often, researchers in London this week had to stop a cancer drug trial because it was far too successful.

According to the Telegraph doctors said giving any of their studies 922 participants a placebo would have been “unethical” since they could have actually saved their lives with the real treatment.

The new drug targets tumors with alpha radiation and according to the study’s doctors it is able to more rapidly and successfully kill tumors than standard beta particles. Researchers say the new alpha radiation also causes less harm to surrounding tissues making it a better alternative to traditional methods.

According to the research patients who were given Radium-223 Chloride—or Alpharadin TM had a 30% lower death rate than the placebo group while their drugs group had less pain and far less side effects.

With the test halted and very promising results already available the group is now preparing to submit their findings to governmental regulators for public approval use.

A radiologist at Cancer Research UK tells the BBC:

“This research looks very promising and could be an important addition to approaches available to treat secondary tumors—and should be investigated further.”

Hopefully the regulatory commission in Britain approves the new drug treatment faster than U.S. regulators so patients who could benefit from the drug can be treated.

Would you be willing to take a 50/50 chance that you would receive a placebo if such a powerful drug was available to treat your own cancer?