'24' Movie Could Bring Jack Back! (Video)


Is Jack Back?! 24 fans have been patiently waiting for a 24 movie on the big screen since it was first talked about in 2010 after its eighth season. Now, after the phenomenal success of the most recent revival of the TV series, 24: Live Another Day, the dust is stirring, and the anticipation is on the rise again.

According to TV Line, sources say that Imagine Entertainment is kicking around the idea regarding a new feature, and Imagine Entertainment Chairman Brian Grazer seems to like the idea, but has yet to pitch it to 20th Century Fox. Let's get this thing going, peeps!

It is possible that Fox will want to continue 24 as a network series. TV Guide reports Fox Networks Group Chairman CEO Peter Rice as saying,

" I loved this year's season of 24. I've always been a fan. We haven't had a specific conversation about it coming back yet, but I'm sure we will in the future. It's a wonderful franchise. When you look at the show itself it has many more stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators."

Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer revealed to the comic-con panel,

"We went through so many ideas for that ending. (For 24: Live Another Day). We thought, maybe for the DVD, Jack will pull out a hand grenade, and just blow the helicopter up. We had never had that kind of freedom before."

Fans cannot be left hanging in the balance on the fate of our beloved Jack Bauer! Executive producer Jon Cassar restrained himself from revealing any hint of whether or not we will see another season of 24. However, he admitted at Comic-Con, "We're still talking about the movie. It's still potentially out there, so that's good news" as the crowd goes berserk with cheers and applause.

Even Kiefer Sutherland agreed, stating,

"The film's an ongoing situation. There's always an opportunity to do that."

[Photo Credits: hollywoodreporter.com and fanpop.com]