Double Therapy In Breast Cancer Patients Shown To Be More Effective Method [Study]

In the fight against cancer there is never a guaranteed outcome however a recent study has found that double therapy yields better results than single therapy sessions. According to the study patients who undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time experience significantly less risk of tumors and better remission rates.

Better known as synchronous chemoradiation the practice is now being used more commonly to treat women with breast cancer, a group that witnessed more than 425,000 deaths annually.

According to the study double therapy has limited additional side effects compared to singular methods.

The groups researchers say that while radiotherapy is typically given after chemotherapy they have found that by combining radiotherapy with a specific type of chemotherapy called anthracycline-CMF chemotherapy results are more effective.

In a study of 2,300 British women who underwent suregery to remove their tumors researchers found that the standard approach “reduces the risk of local cancer recurrence by 35 percent in women with early breast cancer,” while in dual therapy 41 patients in the synchronous chemoradiation group had suffered recurrence, compared with 63 patients in the group who had standard chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. The recurrence rate was discovered after an eight-year followup.

The study also found that after five years only 2.8 percent of tumors reappeared during dual therapy compared to 5.1 percent in single therapy events.

It should be noted that after five years there has been no differences observed in overall survival rates although researchers believe those numbers will favor their dual therapy approach in the long-term.