WWE News: CM Punk Furious Over A Leaked Photo Of He And AJ Lee Hitting The Internet

Joe Burgett

It should be a common thing, once you become a popular figure, your privacy is no longer safe. You cannot trust anyone to keep your private matters just that except you, and trying to escape the spotlight only makes people want to seek you out more. However, that does not seem to register with former WWE Superstar CM Punk. The WWE made CM Punk a household name, but for the most part he made himself a big name as well.

CM Punk married current WWE Diva AJ Lee a few months back. While Punk has managed to stay out of the spotlight barring a few appearances for Nerdist.com among the various sports related appearances since leaving WWE back in January. Meanwhile his wife AJ left WWE to get married and spend time with Punk only to return to the company a short while back.

Due to the fact CM Punk wants his privacy, he is upset about a recent photo of both he and AJ Lee going around the Internet. However, it is not as if it's a bad picture like some have been lately.

For those unaware, a new photo leak is going around that shows several nude celebs. People from Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice, to Kate Upton and Lea Michelle have been exposed. Many have claimed they are not real, while several such as JLaw have confirmed they are real in reference to her.

The photos came courtesy of a hacker who hacked phones and iCloud to get pics that have been going viral since their reveal just days ago.

One would think Punk would be upset if either he or his new bride were involved in that. However, that was not the case. The photo going around is one from their wedding back in July. Here is the picture that is causing so much heat.

CM Punk AJ Lee Wedding

Pictures like this get out all of the time for celebs from either a negative being taken from a photographer who throws it in the trash only for someone to see it. Even friends could have taken it and it got out that way. There are various ways a picture such as this can hit the 'net, and hacking wouldn't have to be done at all to do so.

Punk went online and went off on it being out there, saying to his Twitter followers:

"Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple."

"And I block you because I can't punch you in your disrespectful f—ing face. Pigs."

"And I block you because I can't punch you in your disrespectful f—ing face. Pigs."

While he may never return to WWE, he cannot escape the fact he was there for the better part of a decade. He is a Hall of Fame talent who did it all in the world of Pro-Wrestling. WWE was where he wanted to end up and he did all one could do just about. That should be commended. However, he will never have privacy. People will have interest in him. I recommend he just become boring, maybe then the former WWE star can feel at ease.

[IMG Credits: Google, EWN]