Liz Taylor’s Jewelry Going Up for Auction in December

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry will be going up for auction this December at Christie’s Auction House in London. Taylor’s jewelry will be going up for sale along with dresses and art owned by the famous movie star.

Jonathan Rendell, deputy chairman of Christie’s Americas, said:

“Elizabeth Taylor was the last great movie star, the queen of Hollywood. She was – can we say? — an enthusiastic collector of couture, of paintings and, most of all, of jewels. What all this reveals, I think, is a woman who understood her contract with the public. She knew she had to provide them with glamour. She never left the house without looking perfect.”

The auction is already getting interest from big celebrities. David Beckham said earlier this week that he is putting more than $4 million aside to bid on Liz Taylor’s jewelry.

The two-time Oscar winner, who died in March at the age of 79, left behind an enormous collection of dresses and jewels. The Guardian reports that the 269 jewels and the 400 outfits are expected to fetch more than $50 million at the December auction. A portion of the money will go to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. It isn’t clear where the rest of the money will end up.

Collectors will be able to find plenty of Liz Taylor memorabilia at the auction, but they’ll also get the chance to bid on famous paintings by Van Gogh, Degas, and Andy Warhol.

Christie’s estimates that Liz Taylor’s jewelry will fetch around $35 million by itself, but Rendell expects the jewelry to bring in a little bit more.

Rendell said:

“We’re known for being quite conservative with our estimates… It’s going to be a popular sale.”

Will Liz Taylor’s jewelry exceed Christie’s expectations? Probably, I mean, check out this painting that Jennifer Aniston just bought for a half million dollars.