World’s Saddest Cat: Tucker Finds A New Home Following Successful Facebook Campaign

You may have heard of Tucker, also known as the “world’s saddest cat,” especially if you are on Facebook a lot and have been looking for a new feline as a pet.

Tucker recently received global media attention due to the fact she always looks sad because of a rare genetic abnormality which make her look utterly dejected at all times.

But the Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington, announced some really good news on its Facebook page over the weekend, confirming that Tucker has found a new home.

“Many happy tears were shed this morning at Purrfect Pals!” the shelter wrote.

As well as looking like she’s gonna burst into tears at any minute, the 1-year-old tabby also has very thin skin, bruises easily and suffers from more hair loss than most cats, but that doesn’t make her unlovable.

On the contrary, Tucker is very lovable, and adores to be stroked and to play with string toys. She is also reportedly quite docile and therefore great with children.

The Huffington Post reported today that after the “world’s saddest cat” was given up for adoption by her previous owners tugged on heart-strings the world over.

Thankfully, the shelter’s Facebook page received numerous inquiries about the cat. Now, a woman named Katie, who is a vet clinic worker, is the proud new owner of Tucker.

As Purrfect Pals posted on Saturday: “We couldn’t dream of a better match for Tucker!

Here is the full text of the Facebook message posted by Purrfect Pals on Saturday, sharing the wonderful news about the “world’s saddest cat“:

“Many happy tears were shed this morning at Purrfect Pals! Thanks to the recent media attention Tucker received from the Seattle Pet Examiner and BuzzFeed, we were overwhelmed with inquiries from people all over the world who wanted to adopt her. There were many wonderful people interested, but we felt that one family in particular was the best fit. Katie works at a vet clinic and she and her husband have plenty of experience caring for special needs kitties. They actually already have a cat, Poe, with many of the same symptoms that Tucker has! His skin bruises and tears very easily and he also has similar leg deformities. Katie has protective outfits custom made for Poe and their house is already been kitty proofed with his special needs in mind. We couldn’t dream of a better match for Tucker! Tucker is now on her way home to meet her new dad and brother and we can’t wait to hear updates!”