‘Star Wars Episode 7’: Why This May Not Be The Movie You’re Looking For

Star Wars Episode 7 may be one of the most anticipated films of our time, but it could also be a disaster. A lot has changed and this could simply be the next disturbance in the Force.

While the acting talent seems to be coming from several directions, the diversity in the cast could also be its greatest weakness. There are relative newcomers joining with veterans of the series, and the combination could lead to inconsistent performances much like Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor.

While we don’t expect much action from Peter Mayhew or Harrison Ford (both of whom may have difficulty simply walking for the moment), the returning veterans are all a little old for the near-acrobatic action the original movies were known for.

While the Star Wars Episode 7 cast might not be its downfall, we’re still seeing it under the direction of J.J. Abrams. Abrams brought Star Trek back for fans who craved more action in the series, and then attempted to remake Wrath of Khan with Into Darkness. His decision to mess with what we thought was fine the way it was could carry over to the next Star Wars.

Abrams already stated that he’s throwing out most of what we had considered Star Wars canon, and fans will probably not accept anything he gives them because of it. This is the very reason why many fans have labeled most superhero movies as pure trash. Fans of any franchise can be picky about following canon and will often boycott films en masse as a result.

Remember also that the release of The Phantom Menace was highly anticipated and hit decades after the original trilogy, much like this film. It has been called one of the biggest disappointments of all time, and George Lucas was behind it. The sheer hatred gained after Lucas’ treatment of episodes one through three was a big factor behind him stepping down and handing his reins over to Disney.

George Lucas will only be a consultant for the Star Wars Episode 7 plot and such, and we can’t know yet what J.J. Abrams will add to the franchise (hopefully not the lens flare that permeated the Star Trek reboots).

On the subject of Disney, aside from the Marvel movies, their reputation with sequels has been rather terrible. Many sequels to classic films were released straight to DVD because they knew they would fail in the theater. We can only hope that Star Wars Episode 7 will follow the success of the Marvel cinematic universe and not the typical movie sequels Disney is known for.

What do you think? Is the Force still strong with the upcoming movie, or will it continue to disappoint like the prequels did?

[image via Master Never]