Is The Golden State Turning On Obama? Approval Ratings Dropping

Just 45 percent of Californian voters held a favorable opinion of President Barack Obama, according to a poll on his approval ratings. The reason? Voters feel he’s not being effective at getting legislation passed.

“There’s very little, besides the health reform law, that he can actually hang his hat on,” according to the director of the field poll, Mark DiCamillo.

That seemed to be the sentiment coming from California’s democratic base. Although the president’s approval rating has been steadily falling across the country, the drop in California might be particularly ominous, since it’s liberals that are changing their minds.

James Gay, who describes himself as a liberal democratic, says,

“I liked the man from the beginning; but then as it went on, he kind of changed face. It’s like he tried to please too many people in too many places and didn’t stick to his vision. You need to be more of a Commander in Chief. You need to be seen. You need to be heard. He seems like he’s always on vacation.”

Over the past three months, Obama’s approval rating has dropped 8 points with Californian Democrats. In Los Angeles county and the Bay area, which are considered liberal bastions, his approval ratings dropped 11 points and 7 points, respectively.

Overall disapproval ratings have crept up to 43 percent in the state.

Immigration reform and VA patient backlogs, important issues to Obama’s democratic base, have been particularly harmful to his approval ratings.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the president was not able to secure a comprehensive immigration reform bill or even emergency funding, despite the overwhelming crisis at the nation’s borders.

President Obama spent this Labor Day weekend in Wisconsin, talking to pro-union labor groups, which may remind his base of his existence. In Wisconsin, the president’s disapproval ratings are 48 percent.

With President Obama in his second term, the question seems to be how will the president’s dropping approval ratings affect his party in the mid-term elections? And how will it affect his ability to enact legislation to address the country’s growing list of problems, like the terrorist group ISIS and the flood of immigrant children?

Despite the lackluster approval rating, the poll did reveal that democrats were at least more positive about the country’s direction. 55.2 percent of Democrats said the country was in the “right direction” and just 11.1 percent of Republicans feeling the same way.

The full Californian poll on Obama’s approval rating and other political issues can be found here.

[Image Credit: Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons]