Man Stabs Pit Bull Dog Repeatedly At PetSmart As Horrified Kids Look On

Why did a man stab a pit bull dog inside a Georgia PetSmart during a scheduled adoption day, as frantic children looked on? That’s what shoppers and police are trying to determine.

Newnan police officers arrived at the bloody scene inside the popular pet store Sunday. Inside the PetSmart during Pet Adoption Day, lay the lifeless corpse of an American Pit Bull Terrier, named Clara. She had been stabbed to death by a man in the store, who was still on the scene.

Witnesses say a member of the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society was walking the dog in the store, when it managed to slip out of its leashed collar and approached a Westie Terrier, smaller in size. Reports suggest the animals were engaging as if playing, and Clara was merely tugging at the Westie’s ear, when things turned tragic.

Suddenly, the smaller dog’s owner began yelling profanities at the other dog and then took out a pocket knife and began stabbing the pit bull repeatedly, according to USA Today.

PetSmart workers and onlookers scurried in horror during the violent stabbing. Many were splattered with the animal’s blood.

Teresa Reeves, who was visiting the store with her fiancé, Mike Wohler, at the time of the pit bull stabbing, described the horrific scene.

It is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. We heard screaming at the front of the store and went running to see what was happening. The Pit Bull had the smaller dog at the back of the neck holding the loose skin and fur there.”

Next, Wohler, who managed to pry the pit bull’s mouth open to separate the dogs, weighed in.

It didn’t look like the dogs were even fighting, but [the smaller dog’s owner] was pummeling the dog (…) then I realized he wasn’t punching the dog. He was stabbing it.”

During the skirmish with the dogs, PetSmart staff used water spray bottles — normally used when animals spar — and an air horn to separate the dogs, but the man took extreme measures to end the dog’s life instead.

The man who stabbed the pit bull dog at PetSmart is identified as Craig Emory. At this time, there are no charges filed from the incident. However, some believe the man acted recklessly.

You can’t just walk into a floor and stab a dog in front of families and children,” Wohler said.

Sadly, Clara suffered life-threatening and non-treatable injuries and had to be put down, according to animal rights activists on a number of websites.

A Pit Bull or APBT is a mix of a bulldog and terrier. Historically, it was used to herd farm animals and entertained throngs of people with dog fights. The breed has one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, and despite its size, is supernaturally strong. Today, pits are used as family-friendly guard dogs, but potential owners should be aware of certain traits.

Information contained on Dog Channel says American Pit Bull Terrier owners should be mindful of territorial traits with their new dog, and fully understand the breed profile.

Wary and at times unfriendly with new dogs, an APBT (typical of the Terrier breeds) is not the dog for a family that loves new animals coming in and over to play.

PetSmart released a statement after the stabbing of the pit bull Terrier at the Georgia location.

Our top priority is the safety of pet parents and pets in our stores. We are working with the pet parent of the Westie to make sure it makes a full recovery.”

[Image via: USA Today via YouTube]