’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: Season 9 Brings Lots Of Love And Big Changes

19 Kids and Counting returns to TLC with new episodes on Tuesday night, and fans cannot wait to get started. Those who follow the Duggar family via social media during the off-season know that there has been a lot going on, but now everybody will finally get to watch it all play out on-screen. What can viewers expect in “Duggars & Mothers” airing on Sept. 2?

TLC shared a little sneak peek into what lies ahead this season with the Duggar family, as much of the focus in episode 14×01 will be on planning Jill Duggar’s wedding. 19 Kids & Counting spoilers via TV Guide indicate that this first episode will show Jill and Derick prepping for the big day, working on ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

As fans already know, Jill and Derick Dillard got married in a beautiful wedding in June, and they’re even already expecting their first baby. As this season, referred to as season 9, gets started, the wedding is still a few months away. So, it seems that new episodes pick up right after Jill and Derick’s engagement. Jill is the first daughter in the family to get married, so it’ll most definitely be a grand wedding. At the same time, Derick’s mom Cathy is battling cancer. According to 19 Kids and Counting spoilers about Tuesday’s premiere, Jill and Derick will visit Cathy in the hospital and she shows that she is determined to make it to their wedding.

How long will fans have to wait to actually see the wedding? It looks like it might be a while yet, and the network has not yet announced which episode will show the big day. Descriptions are out through episode 3 so far, and it sounds like these early episodes all cover the wedding planning as it takes place a few months ahead of the big day. Will the network stretch out the entire season to lead up to the wedding? If that’s the case, fans will surely be a bit disappointed, but for now they will have to wait and see.

During the off-season Jill and Derick got married, shared their first kiss and found out they were expecting their first baby. In addition, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald continued their courtship, and they recently announced they have gotten engaged as well. From the sounds of things, this season of 19 Kids & Counting will show more of the courtship, and maybe the engagement later in the season.

As the show’s Facebook page notes, this is a season of change for the Duggar family, but all in good ways. There will surely be a lot of emotional moments ahead as both Jill and Jessa prepare to head into their marriages and start their own families. Tune in to 19 Kids & Counting airing new episodes every Tuesday night on TLC to see just how things progress for Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald and the rest of the family.

[Image via TLC]