Lindsay Lohan Wants To Quit Smoking: Trying Hypnotherapy

Lindsay Lohan is willing to try anything to make her upcoming performance a hit. She’s even attempting to use hypnotherapy to quit smoking.

Before Miley Cyrus drew public ire for her on-stage and music video shenanigans, the Mean Girls star was all over the tabloids. Her addictions kept getting the Disney actress in trouble with the law, earning her infamy alongside Amanda Bynes.

Now better behaved but still allegedly craving publicity enough to sue over her alleged likeness in Grand Theft Auto V, Lohan still has a problem with addiction. Instead of cocaine and alcohol, the troubled actress is finding it hard to quit smoking.

As part of her comeback to the spotlight, Lohan knows that when she takes on a role in the London play Speed-the-Plow, she doesn’t want her craving for nicotine to ruin her focus. She knows the world will be watching, and she wants to kill the addiction despite being having been unable for years.

Hypnotherapy might be what Lindsay Lohan needs to take her mind off the urge to smoke on the stage.

A local newspaper has stated:

“Some people may not believe in the powers of hypnosis or think it’s all about swinging a watch about, but Lindsay is willing to try anything to make sure she’s a hit.”

While the hypnosis might temporarily stop the cravings, it is unclear whether the help Lohan seeks will affect her ability to act. Having seen her roller coaster battle with several addictions over the years, some of us can’t help but hope that Lohan will beat her smoking habit and succeed on every level.

If hypnotherapy helps Lohan quit smoking without taking away from her on-stage debut in the upcoming British play, we could see the former Disney star defy expectations and make her fans proud of what she has accomplished over the past year.

We might even see Lohan gain a new following.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will finally be able to quit smoking through the use of hypnotherapy, or will it backfire on her performance?

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