Courteney Cox Gets Engagement Advice From Jennifer Aniston: ‘Enjoy It!’

Courteney Cox might not be as strict and tight a bride as her famous character Monica Gellar on the seventh season of Friends but we’re sure she’s also dreaming of a wonderful wedding worthy of the stars. Just recently, the actress visited Ireland to meet her fiance Johnny McDaid’s family and had a blast bonding with his mom. While meeting future mom-in-laws can be a daunting experience for some, the Snow Patrol’s mommy was very fond of Cox and expressed her excitement on having her as part of the family.

You know who else is tying the knot soon? Courteney’s dear friend Jennifer Aniston, who is currently engaged with actor Justin Theroux. In an interview with E!, Jen confessed that she doesn’t talk too much about her engagement with Courteney Cox.

“We honestly don’t talk about it. We both have our things. Her’s just happened. Minutes ago. There’s something to enjoying the engagement period, I have to say.”

However, the Life of Crime actress did give a few engagement pointers to Courteney as she embarks on the road towards the altar.

“Whether it’s three months, one year, two, three, four, or five years. Who knows? Whatever it is, enjoy it!”

That might as well be a commentary towards the recent flak she has been receiving due to her own engagement, which is on its second year now. Courteney Cox, on the other hand, just announced her engagement via Twitter last June.

With or without Aniston’s advice, the actress seems to be really enjoying her time with McDaid. Recently, Daily Mail reported that Courteney was spotted sunbathing at Cabo in Mexico. Flaunting her amazingly youthful body in a blue bikini, Cox was seen having a blast with her fiance.

In other stories, Courteney Cox received a wonderful reception from fans after she appeared with Jen and Lisa Kudrow on a Friends reunion skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In a totally scripted skit, Jimmy was confessing to Jennifer that he was a die-hard fan of the sitcom during the 90s and even wrote a few fan fic pieces for the show. He then asked the actress to reprise her role as Rachel Green so they could play them out. The latter hesitantly agrees (remember: it was all scripted) and plays her former character, with Kimmel playing Ross. Later into the script, Courteney and Lisa make their entrance, just like old times.

Cox plays her old character Monica, while Lisa Kudrow appears as Phoebe. Cox may have had a rush of excitement when she decided to appear on Kimmel; the skit was done onstage, where an accurate replica of Monica’s kitchen was placed.

Courteney Cox plays Jules Cobb on ABC’s comedy Cougar Town.