‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Is It Time To Backdoor Frankie? Veto Ceremony Results Revealed

On Thursday night, Big Brother will feature its second double eviction of the season. As the numbers dwindle and the remnants of the once-giant “bomb squad” alliance are about to turn on their own, head of household Caleb has some big decisions to make. According to the musings aired on Sunday night’s episode and extensive discussion on the live feeds, backdooring Frankie was one option given heavy consideration. A backdoor eviction in the Big Brother context involves putting the target up as a replacement nominee after the veto ceremony. Therefore, the nominee has no opportunity to save him- or herself before the final vote.

Caleb’s nominees were in many ways predictable. Nicole just re-entered the house and has already been granted an extra Big Brother life. Without allies in the house since Donny’s eviction last week, she’s an easy pick. Christine, although part of the Bomb Squad and its various incarnations since the beginning, has yet to prove her value to the team. All things being equal, however, it seems that at the nomination stage Nicole was the main target, as assessed by Big Brother Network.

After the veto competition was held, it was Christine who had the golden icon that allowed her to take herself out of danger. Although BuddyTV surmised that “Nicole is doomed,” the live feeds were telling a bit of a different story. Knowing Christine was sure to take herself off the block, leaving an empty spot in the red nomination chairs, Caleb and his allies considered getting rid of one of their own. As Big Brother Network recounted, Caleb and Cody feared Frankie would soon come after them, and believed he would be harder to beat in future competitions than Nicole. Even Derrick, who has yet to be on the block this season and is in many ways the mastermind behind the alliance’s big moves, was on board with the plan to get rid of Frankie.

Derrick even went to far as to reassure Victoria she would not be renominated during the veto ceremony this week.

In the end, the live feed spoilers preempted the drama of the veto competition. After a late-night session of bargaining, Caleb settled on the idea that Frankie has never been disloyal to the alliance and Nicole has never worked with them.

The veto ceremony, held Monday in the Big Brother house, confirmed it: Christine took herself off the block and Caleb named Victoria as replacement nominee. Nicole remains the target, at least for round one — what happens in round two has yet to be seen.

[Image: Big Brother/CBS]