Walmart Workers Reveal How They Really Feel About Working At The Low-Wage, Big Box Chain

Walmart is one of the most successful retail businesses in history — and one of the ways that the Walton family became as successful as they are is by paying their workers as little as possible. That way, there’s more money lefty over for them — the Walton family, which is now the wealthiest family in the United States.

Not just one, or two, or three — but six members of the Walton family make the Forbes Magazine list of the richest 400 Americans. Together, they have a staggering net worth of more than $144 billion. That makes them richer than the entire bottom 40 percent of American income-earners put together.

At the same time, Walmart workers make so little money that huge numbers of them require public assistance, even though they work full or part time at Walmart. Walmart workers need food stamps, Medicaid health insurance, and housing subsidies that cost the U.S. taxpayer about $6.2 billon per year.

In other words, your tax dollars give more than $6 billion in subsidies to a family that is worth upwards of $140 billion, just so they can continue to pay their workers some of the most dismal wages in all of American business.

So it should come as no surprise that plenty of Walmart workers are not too happy with their jobs. And they have a few choice things to say about working there.

Watch this BuzzFeed video, and get a rare inside glimpse at what life is like for a Walmart worker

Our friends at BuzzFeed compiled this video from anonymous confessions posted on Whisper, an app that lets you tell your deepest, darkest secrets to the world in complete anonymity.

Want to find out what it’s really like to work at Walmart, and how the underpaid workers there really feel about it? Spend 90 seconds with this Whisper video and you’ll be glad you don’t work there.

Or if you do work at Walmart, you may realize that you are not alone.