Crocodile Turns Bright Orange After Eating Water Filter

The new fall look for crocodiles is in, and it’s bright orange. An 8-foot Australian crocodile is testing out his new skin at Roaming Reptiles in Victoria. But Snappy the crocodile’s fashion statement wasn’t the result of an autumn conscience reptile. Nope, it was the result of his nasty bite.

The Herald Sun reports that Snappy ate his water filter last week, which changed the pH levels in his water.

Owner Tracey Sandstrom said:

“Snappy’s pretty territorial and he attacked the filter one day and a few weeks after that, I noticed he was orange. I think it caused the pH levels in his water to soar which has led to the change in color.”

Sandstrom had the crocodile examined by Darwin croc expert Grahame Webb, who said that besides the coloring, Snappy the orange crocodile is in perfect health.

Sandstrom said:

“It doesn’t seem to have affected him at all. He’s still got a healthy appetite, is normally aggro and doing everything he always does.”

The croc expert says that Snappy probably got his strange coloring from iron, red algae, or tannins from fallen leaves.

Unfortunately, Snappy will only be the most stylish crocodile for a short while longer. A new water filter has been put in place by Roaming Reptiles, and Snappy is expected to regain his natural color eventually.

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