Man Decapitates Self: Bronx Beheading Ruled a Suicide

Bradley Ryder

In New York, a man beheaded himself Monday in a grisly suicide. The Bronx decapitation was caught on tape, and NYPD has ruled out foul play at this time.

According to a New York Daily News report, a 51-year-old man decapitated himself in the early morning hours at or about 9:30 am. Witnesses said the unidentified man tied a rope around a pole across from 521 Longfellow Ave., near its intersection with Randall Ave. in Hunts Point, before ripping his head off.

Using the other end of the rope, he tied it around his neck, re-entered a 2005 Honda CRV, and accelerated the vehicle a short distance up the Bronx roadway. After beheading himself in an apparent suicide, the car continued on and crashed into a parked vehicle. The resultant collision caused the man's headless body to be thrown about on the street.

The NY Post, which covered the gruesome Bronx decapitation, described the vehicle the man was driving as a 2005 Honda Pilot, which is a sport utility vehicle.

Pedestrians and motorists passing by the bloody scene thought the crash was due to an unintentional collision. However, accident investigators, using information contained on the scene and surveillance footage that captured the fatality on the New York street, they concluded the man took his own life. However, information beyond the initial investigation remains scant at this time. Moreover, police do not have a motive in the Bronx suicide.

As one can imagine, given the history of the city with terror attacks (the World Trade Center attacks), it's understandable why some locals were cloaked in fear. Additionally, with the recent beheading of American journalist, James Foley, at the hands of ISIS militants overseas, Monday's ghastly decapitation was particularly unnerving.

In a previous story covered by The Inquisitr, the Islamic extremist terror group has been on a tear throughout Iraq and Syria lately, leaving a path of carnage along the way for anyone who does not convert to Islam and accept their ideology. Their methods are rooted in fear, and they use a host of tactics to subdue their targets. Mass shootings and beheadings are common.

U.S. military intelligence suggests that the group's focus is on striking American and European interests in the near future. This includes the mainland. Not surprisingly, the city of New York is one of its targets, should the radical group successfully infiltrate American soil.

There is no mention of foul play in the suicide in the Bronx. Hopefully, the beheading does not spark a string of copy cats who use decapitations as means to end their lives.

This story is developing.