Pizza Hut Blake Shelton Ads Thoroughly Amuse Taylor Swift

Pizza Hut’s Blake Shelton ads may not impress everyone, but they definitely have a fan in country music superstar Taylor Swift.

The pizza peddler debuted the advertisements earlier this year, commercials that find Shelton pimping a number of the restaurants different pies. The ads are admittedly silly, and that’s precisely why Swift loves the stuff Blake and Pizza Hut are cooking up.

The Voice judge recently discussed his involvement with Pizza Hut and Swift’s admiration for his commercials during a recent chat with Rolling Stone. When Blake and Taylor met up not too long about, she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved his ads.

Blake seemed mildly amused by the exchange.

“I saw Taylor Swift this week. She said, ‘You’re so funny in those Pizza Hut commercials!’ And I said, ‘Yeah, Taylor. That was my goal all along as a kid: to make it to this level in country music so I could sell the most amount of pizzas possible… reach the biggest audience of pizzas that I possibly can.”

Pizza Hut currently has Shelton pushing the new Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza, a concoction that makes this writer’s arteries harden as the words flow from his fingertips to the keyboard. Does this mean I’d never consider ordering up the aforementioned pie for dinner? Don’t be silly. The more outrageous the pizza, the more apt I am to order it up.

When Shelton isn’t chowing down on Pizza Hut’s latest offering, he frequently orders up pies featuring “mushrooms and black olives.” He also told the Los Angeles Times during an impossibly in-depth interview that he prefers “hot pizza” the next morning. We doubt you could have survived the rest of the year without that tidbit of useless information.

All joking aside, Blake Shelton is pretty happy with the arrangement he has with Pizza Hut. The Inquisitr previously reported that the country singer is a huge fan of the company’s unique brand of pies, which were a very important part of his childhood.

“My tour manager always says, ‘What do you want?’ And I always ask for stuffed crust pizza. You don’t even have to put a topping on it. When we have a long flight somewhere, I always bring it…. Growing up in Ada, Oklahoma, Pizza Hut was a big deal in my community. As a fan of BBQ and pizza, it has been a blast to partner with Pizza Hut to bring two of my favorite foods together.”

Are you a fan of Blake Shelton’s Pizza Hut commercials?

[Lead image via Pizza Hut]