McKayla Maroney Fans 'Not Impressed' With Gymnast's Denial Of Nude Photos

Things are just going from bad to worse for young McKayla Maroney, the 18-year old Olympic gymnast who rose to internet fame during 2012 for her infamous "not impressed" look after winning the silver medal.

In a huge hack and leak, hundreds of nude photos of famous women, including such stars as Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, bikini model Kate Upton and pop star Rhianna, made the rounds on social media after being posted on 4chan.

McKayla Maroney is not impressed with
McKayla Maroney is not impressed with "The Fappening."

McKayla Maroney became one of the victims, as well, with several nude, and revealing photos attributed to her being leaked.

Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have both admitted the nude photos are, indeed, their own. But Maroney staunchly denied that the nude photos that were leaked are her own. Maroney took to Twitter, saying "the fake photos of me are crazy!! was trying to rise above it all, and not give 'the creator' the time of day.. BUT.. " and then added a meme inferring that the leakers may need to find Jesus.

Maroney's fans and followers, however, were pretty quick to turn on her, calling her out for denying the nude photos were actually of McKayla herself.

One user tweeted: "It's obviously you, the pictures are 100% real. You just can't deny it, it makes you look stupid and untrustworthy."

Another Maroney follower posted: "Fake? Really? Even the ones taken in your own bedrooms? Come on... What's the use of denying the obvious?"

Another person even tweeted to Maroney: "Glad to see your life has been destroyed."

Oddly enough, Maroney is not the only one who is facing a backlash over the photos on Twitter, although whether the leaked nude pictures of these women are real or not, they are, undoubtedly, the victims.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who openly admitted the nude photos were authentic, has also faced some backlash over social media. Winstead not only acknowledged the photos, but tweeted "To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves" on Sunday. One Twitter user posted that it seemed as if Winstead was enjoying the attention, while another questioned why the actress would have even posed nude if she wasn't a porn star, despite the fact that the photos were taken in the privacy of her own home.

Although it remains unclear how, exactly, the images were obtained, anonymous 4chan users claim that the photos were taken from the various celebrities' iCloud accounts, which allow iPhone, iPad and Mac users to synchronize images and other data between devices.

McKayla Maroney response to the unexpected Twitter backlash was a simple "thank you" to her fans who continue to stand by her.