What Exactly Is The ‘After Tiller’ Abortion Documentary On PBS Justifying?

Amid great controversy, PBS chose to air the documentary film After Tiller last week, which seeks to “humanize” the abortion doctors who are still performing late-term abortions. However, nowhere in the film does it actually show what they are justifying. For some reason, the only people willing to show what exactly happens in an abortion are those fighting against abortion. If abortion, even late-term abortion, is something to be proud of, then why do they not tell exactly what they are doing? Why is the reality shunned or hidden in euphemism?

Some people are asking, “Why doesn’t the film explain the actual abortion procedure and what happens to the baby?”

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the National Organization for Women joined together to fund the film. Now that After Tiller is being shown on PBS, taxpayer money is going toward financing the project. That is a problem for many taxpayers, who do not want their money to help finance abortion in any way.

According to a previous article by The Inquisitr, “The film is supposed to shed light on the personal and professional stories surrounding those who regularly perform third-trimester abortions.” However, many pro-life groups are very upset with what the American Life League is calling “a work of propaganda.”

Kermit Gosnell wasn’t included because he was caught for numerous crimes, including killing babies that were born alive after an abortion. He faced murder charges as testimony came forth that he did things like insert scissors into the base of babies’ skulls as they were being born and opening them, killing the babies. But Gosnell is not alone in his violence.

After Tiller Came Gosnell

Dr. Shelley Sella is one of the four late-term abortion doctors featured in After Tiller. She was accused of similar actions. Tina Davis is a former employee of Dr. Sella. She described an incident where a baby was born alive in the clinic, and Dr. Sella stabbed the living baby, killing it.

“And this was…hmmm, maybe 35 weeks?… It was – it was a big baby…. And… baby came out, and it was moving. I don’t know if it was alive or if it was nerves…I don’t – I have no clue…. Then Dr. Sella looked up right away at me and took a utensil and stabbed it – right here – [indicating left rib section] and twisted, and then it didn’t move anymore.”

Most babies are not born alive in abortion clinics, but some are. Notably, Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden are both survivors of failed saline abortions. Ordinarily, babies born alive are killed or left in a bucket or on a table to die. Miraculously, that didn’t happen for either Gianna or Melissa. Someone took them to get medical care, and they travel the world telling their amazing stories of survival.

The Inquisitr has previously reported the story of the “wonderfully beautiful” abortion survivor, Carrie Fischer.

Claire Culwell somehow survived the abortion that took the life of her twin brother. After her mother learned that she was still pregnant, she went to the notorious Dr. Tiller for a late-term abortion. Because her mother was experiencing complications, Dr. Tiller refused to do the abortion, citing liability. Claire was born shortly after. She may be the only baby that left Tiller’s clinic alive.

Abortion Survivors After Tiller
Claire Culwell, Melissa Ohden, Carrie Fischer, and Gianna Jessen - Abortion Survivors

Women are generally never told what actually happens when they choose to go to doctors like those featured in After Tiller for a late-term abortion procedure. Nicer sounding words are used to describe the process. They don’t realize that, sometimes, they are given drugs that will kill the baby slowly, over a process of hours, while they go home or to a nearby hotel. At times, they end up giving birth, alone, to a dead baby.

Another commonly used procedure is a two-day D&E, according to Dr. Tony Levatino, OB/GYN. On the first day, a device is inserted into the woman’s cervix to cause it to dilate. When she returns on the second day, forceps are inserted into her body to forcibly dismember the baby and pull out the pieces.

Not surprisingly, such vivid descriptions of the facts about what will happen to her and her baby are seldom given to women. Many post-abortive women have reported very cold and callous treatment from the clinic workers if they cry or struggle emotionally to process the abortion.

In an investigative undercover operation, Live Action was able to record what mothers are told about their late term abortions at the clinic where two of the After Tiller doctors, Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson, practice. In the video below, the descriptions can be heard, while the description of what really happens is written on the screen.

The sad reality reported by many women who have had abortions, who are now involved in pro-life outreach such as Silent No More and Rachel’s Vineyard, is that women frequently are not told what actually happens. The concept of “informed choice” is largely absent from the entire pro-choice dialogue. It is time for the public to become aware of what exactly is meant by the term “abortion.” After Tiller is self-proclaimed as an attempt to humanize the doctors. How about starting with the human concept of telling the truth?