Is Joan Rivers Going To Die? The Truth Behind What’s Really Going On Revealed

Joan Rivers is still in a New York area hospital, and some people are wondering if the comedian is going to die. While there are a lot of reports about Rivers being on life support, new information was released by E! on Monday night that contradicts the rumors. According to E! News Correspondent Ken Baker, a source very close to Rivers has said that the comedian and Fashion Police star is on the mend.

During Live From E!, Baker said that he spoke with someone close to the situation, but he did not disclose his source. He referred to the news as “encouraging,” and the things that he said completely debunk what is being reported by the media. Baker’s source said that Joan’s recovery is “a slow process,” but that she is “on the road to recovery.” The source said that Joan is “getting better” and wanted to tell people not to believe all the “ridiculous speculation” that’s on the internet.

Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers is also said to be “doing great” despite reports that she is beside herself and “distraught” over a looming decision about whether or not to take her mother off of life support. Melissa is said to be “holding everyone together” and was referred to as “her mother’s daughter” in that she is “tough as nails.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Melissa Rivers previously said that she was keeping her fingers crossed in regard to her mother’s recovery.

“Thank you for your continued love and support. We are keeping our fingers crossed.”

Based on this new information directly from someone with a connection to the Rivers family, one has to wonder if the rumors about Joan Rivers being on life support are even true. Although it was widely reported by several reputable outlets including TMZ and The New York Daily News, it sounds like Joan’s condition is not life or death. Or, perhaps, the seriousness of the situation has not reached that point yet. There is also a chance that Baker’s source was trying to smooth things over so that rumors don’t take away from what is really going on. This is a crucial time for Melissa Rivers, and having negative rumors (even if they are true) surround her mom doesn’t bring positivity — which is what the family needs more than anything right now.

According to The Epoch Times, #RIPJoanRivers has made its way to Twitter a couple of times since Thursday. However, Joan has not died. While many people believe that a person on life support doesn’t have a great chance at making it, the statement read by Ken Baker seems to suggest that Joan is going to be okay.

[Photo courtesy of Brian Bowen Smith/E!]