Sorry but that reported UFO was only a Chinese man with a homemade flying wheel

Darn those Chinese, if they aren't out building their own life-size Transformers they are soon going to be zipping past us in yet another cool 'thing'.

This time it is a Chinese farmer by the name of Shu Mansheng who decided to create his own personal flying circle - errr wheel - err .. oh hell I don't have a clue as to what you would call it but it is still really cool.

What he did was take eight motorcycle motors, attach them each to a spoke in an 18-foot in diameter wheel type thing, and then add propellers to those motors.

Guys like Mansheng don't build their own flying machines because they're looking to make a quick buck — they do it because they're passionate about this stuff. Mansheng's flying machine is powered by eight motorcycle motors with propellers. Aerodynamics? Mansheng doesn't need that. All he needs is ambition to build.

And that's what the Chinese farmer has. The 18-foot diameter machine that's worth about $3,135 in parts is Mansheng's fifth prototype and can hover 3.3-feet in the air for about 10 seconds — with him in it. No remote controls here, my friends. Da Vinci would be proud.