Zayn Malik Nearly Knocks 1D’s Louis Tomlinson Out, But Why?

Zayn Malik almost knocked out fellow bandmate Louis Tomlinson over the weekend, fueling more rumors One Direction was on the brink of a breakup. Slow your roll, Directioners; it’s not what you think.

Anyway, while performing a number, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne tried to perform a move onstage (showoffs) that nearly ended with the group looking for a replacement. Yea, he almost got knocked out, according to a clip posted on Unreality TV.

In the Vine below, Zayn hoisted Liam on his shoulder and then began whirling him around. Luckily, Louis ducked to avoid having Payne lodging his kicks against his head. It all went well after the group collected themselves, and the show went on. Undoubtedly, fans in the audience were unnerved at what had taken place.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik and his fiancée Perrie Edwards are rumored to be getting close to exchanging their long-awaited vows. The Inquisitr previously wrote that the Little Mix member may have revealed her poker hand in terms of her wedding plans, if hair color has anything to do with telltale clues.

Zayn’s soon-to-be wife, with other members of the British girl group in tow, made an appearance last Friday at Blackpool’s Illuminations Switch-On Festival. What stood out about Perrie’s appearance was her striking blonde locks, instead of the Crayola menagerie of colors she typically sports with her do.

Malik and Edwards met on X Factor back in 2011 and have been an item since 2012. Last year, Zayn’s future mother-in-law, Tricia, tipped off the public of her daughter’s future plans as a 1D bride.

“They’re thinking of [getting married at] the end of next year, although no date has yet been set yet.”

On the “wedding hair” rumors, Zayn’s lovey spoke loosely about it without giving away much in the way of a firm wedding date.

“I’m very experimental with my hair, so I haven’t got a clue [how to have it] at the moment. It could be anything – I don’t know if I want it up or down yet. But I highly doubt that it will be purple, it would clash with my dress. Colour-wise I’m sticking with what I am now – I’ve had enough of changing it and it’s far less damaging being less blonde than I was.”

The members of One Direction are living the dream at the moment, similar to the Rolling Stones in their heyday. Like many celebrities, they have undergone their fair share of scrutiny, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Gingerly put, it goes with the territory.

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Teenage girls, as far as the eye could see, waited outside Soldier Field for a chance to be part of the sellout crowd that witnessed One Direction in concert.

Over the weekend, Liam Payne turned 21, signaling an important milestone in his life. Well, in the states, he can drink legally. But let’s hope he does it responsibly.

Simon Cowell, X Factor judge and inspiration behind Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall, gushed about the boys’ upcoming album. And in his opinion, there is a lot of potential on this project.

“There’s some very different kind of songs than what we’ve done before, they’re taken a few more risk. Most importantly, the boys love writing, they love recording.”

And what about the nasty rumors that Zayn Malik and the other members are splitting?

“I went on Twitter recently to say I don’t think they’re going to split up, they’re having too good a time! I think they could be doing this five, ten, twenty years if they wanted to!”

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