Android users safe from crashing NASA satellite thanks to an app for the phone and tablet

We’ve been kind of following the coming Chicken Little moment when the UARS satellite comes crashing to earth, the only problem is that we have no clue as to where that final moment will happen.

As Dan Evon here at The Inquisitr noted in a post earlier

NASA has been updating the satellite’s progress all week as they monitor its path to earth. The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite was orbiting 100 miles above earth this morning, and NASA expects the satellite to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere later tonight.

But the organization still doesn’t know where the UARS satellite will land. They did say, however, that it was possible for the satellite to hit the United States.

Well AGI the makers of an augmented reality app for the Android smartphone and tablets, called Satellite AR, already has a rather cool app that lets you know what satellites are passing over head at any given time by just pointing your phone, or tablet, at the sky overhead. Now in light of this impending flame-out of UARS the company has added a temporary button to their app that will let you keep track of the satellite’s impeding demise.

You can grab a copy of the app as well as instruction on how to use it from the AGI site.

via Crave