‘Pretty Little Liars’ Huge Spoiler Alert – Who Is Joining The Cast?

Mona Vanderwaal’s body is barely cold, but the producers of Pretty Little Liars have already added a new, central character to the show’s current ensemble cast.

Yes, in case you missed it, Mona was the character who died in the much-touted summer finale. And although there has been some speculation that Mona perhaps faked her own death, or wasn’t really killed, it does seem as though her character is dead. But no worries, Mona fans – she’ll still be a regular on the show, through a series of flashbacks that will give the viewer more of Mona’s backstory, including her murder, through a series of flashbacks. According to an interview given by Janel Parrish, who plays Mona, “I’ll still have a job. I’m still on the show. I will be flashback girl. Fans will really like it. They’ll get a little more insight into Mona’s backstory. She’s always been mysterious.”

As for who may have killed Mona, not even actress Janel Parrish knows, although she does have a guess as to who it may have been, pinning it squarely on Alison. During an interview, Parrish claimed, “I do not know who exactly killed Mona, only because the writers are so good about keeping those things secret. But I do have my suspicions, and I do think that it was Alison. Ali looked a little smug at the end.”

But the Pretty Little Liars writers certainly aren’t taking any time to mourn Mona’s loss! Although no one can take Mona’s place – after all, she was seen to be the original ‘A’ and no other character on the show has been as successful in duplicity as Mona has – her death does leave a gap that the writers for Pretty Little Liars felt needing filling.

Enter actress Miranda Mayo. Mayo is known as Patreece from BET’s The Game, as well as having a recurring role on the popular soap opera Days of our Lives. Mayo has been cast as Talia, a new chef come to Rosewood. And because the Liars don’t have enough enemies, between ‘A’ and Sydney and Shana and the rest, Talia and Emily are apparently set to butt heads and become polarized. Although not much is known about the reason behind the conflict, some theories include that perhaps Talia and Paige have interest in one another, or that Talia may even be the newest recruit for the ‘A’ army.

Season 5b of Pretty Little Liars won’t be back until after Halloween.

[Image via Spoiler TV]