Both Whitney Cummings’ Shows Premiere With Good Ratings

For the last several years, Whitney Cummings was most famous for her raunchy jokes on the annual Comedy Central Roast. But the 29-year-old comedian’s career is taking off this Fall with two sitcoms.

Cummings co-created and co-produced “2 Broke Girls,” which premiered on Monday on CBS. “2 Broke Girls” brought in 19.2 million viewers to CBS. Her other show, “Whitney,” premiered on NBC last night. “Whitney” only pulled in 6.7 million viewers, but it was one of the most watched shows on NBC on Thursday night, beating out both “Community” and “Parks and Recreations.”

But Cummings doesn’t feel like she’s competing with herself.

The actress told the Associated Press:

“I don’t really think we’re competing, and they’re two different shows, although both of them I’m incredibly proud of.”

Here’s a clip from “Whitney.”

Cummings is working behind the scenes withSex and the City” director and writer, Michael Patrick King.

“I don’t think anybody’s better at making comedy about women in New York, so I can’t wait to watch both of them.”

Here’s a clip from “2 Broke Girls.”

The standup comic says that the characters on both shows are largely based off of her. Not because she’s vein, but because she’s lazy.

Cummings said:

“There’s no difference between me and my comedy and my character, solely because I’m lazy. It’s important people who do know me from my standup recognize me on the show. That’s what got me here.”

Did you watch “2 Broke Girls” or “Whitney” this week? Will Whitney Cummings be as successful on the small screen as she has been on the stage?