WWE News: Batista Confirms He Wants To Return To WWE, But Only On One Condition

WWE Superstar turned movie star Dave Batista has become quite a popular guy. Ever since Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy came out, he has been in demand more than ever. Everyone knew that once Batista put on the make up to play Drax the Destroyer, he would be a hot name in Hollywood. Marvel movies have classically done well in Hollywood. The fact that the Guardians are connected to all of the Avenger characters in a way is also key to the characters and their use.

Batista could be in more Marvel films, and not just ones about the Guardians. There is a connection with Thor and Shield, as well as Ironman in the comic world. So it is expected that Marvel and Disney will explore that at some point, meaning Batista will only get more and more popular. This is not the only movie he is set for in the coming year. That being said, Batista is quite busy.

However, like many former wrestlers turned movie stars before him, Dave likes the idea of still being with WWE. He loves pro-wrestling. It is strange to hear, as rumors regarding Batista paint him as a money hungry individual who only stuck around because he enjoying living a lavish lifestyle.

The fact that he has stated he loves wrestling and the WWE is interesting. That being said, it would not be surprising if he wanted to come back. It seems like Batista is more than willing to come back to WWE. Before Guardians came out, Batista was set to be back in WWE by around this month(September) or October. However, Batista has stated that he is too busy to come back right now.

Drax the Destroyer

This is interesting, as currently the only thing Batista has going for him is random appearances promoting Guardians. Now, it seems Dave has revealed why he has not yet returned. When talking with Chris Jericho on Jericho’s podcast “Talk is Jericho”, Dave let us in on a lot of interesting things. One being his return and what he’d want if he came back, saying:

“I hope so…I want to go back, I miss it. I love it (but) they need to work with me on creative, you know creative stuff man. You know I really want…I’d like to have more creative control.”

For those unaware, Batista was very miffed that WWE didn’t live up to several promises they had originally agreed upon before he came back earlier this year. The idea going in was that Batista was going to win the WWE Royal Rumble match and go on to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30 for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. He’d then win it and drop the title before he had to leave this past summer.

A few of those things were delivered, such as the Rumble and Mania main event appearance. However, fans massively changed WWE’s mind on the booking. Most fans hated the idea that Daniel Bryan was being misused, this even led to people like CM Punk citing this among other things regarding his unexpected departure.

It seemed Batista understood the idea behind it, as fans force changes all the time. He is used to that aspect. However, after the change it seemed that Batista wasn’t given anything he wanted or was told he would be getting. This led to WWE writing him out a bit earlier than anticipated and now Batista does not want to come back immediately due to the issues.

Batista Thumbs down

It’s not a wonder he wants creative control. Who wouldn’t, right? Creatively, Batista felt he was misused and that the creative team was terrible with his return angle among many other things, telling Jericho:

“It’s like sometimes they argue with you just to argue with you when you know this is the route we should be going and we end up going that route anyway but it’s usually like three weeks too late.”

To his credit, Batista claims if he returns, he’d be 100% committed to the WWE and the fans. He expressed interest in being full-time, doing both TV and live events, unlike others that have gone Hollywood, saying:

“I don’t get that. I’ve heard, and I won’t mention those guys, but when I hear the guys who say they’ll only do one TV show a week or they’re not going to do house shows I just don’t get that that man.”

So at least we know if Batista does return, he’d be putting his all into it. Similar to Chris Jericho, Batista could always work an on-off schedule, doing the WWE stuff for a few months then leaving to do other projects. That was the original idea behind his return this year until he was misused in his eyes. Due to this, it is not crazy to think that Batista has a point in not wanting to return if he fears WWE will use him in the same way they did before. What do you think? Is WWE right in how they used Batista or does Batista have a reason for being miffed? Let me know below.

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