‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season Finale: Breakups, Tears and Diamond Rings

With just a week to go until the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, fans are wondering if anyone finds love in Tulum. Remaining cast members must choose to continue their love story or breakup, something that will create plenty of drama, lots of tears and at least two relationships that reportedly continue after the show ends.

After Episode 6 airs Monday night (Sept. 1), viewers will begin to figure out who the “winners” of ABC’s summer reality show are. Although there is no cash prize, there are six couples who seem to have a shot at finding love. However, things will change quickly on the finale that airs starting at 8 p.m. ET on September 8, so don’t place your bets yet.

Cody Sattler and Michelle Money; Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul; AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn; Robert Graham and Sarah Herron; Tasos Hernandez and Christie Hansen; and Zack Kalter and Jackie Parr all reportedly make it to the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale. Blogger Reality Steve reports that it won’t be all love and roses at the end, however. One couple will break up and refuse the key to the fantasy suite. Another couple will break it off after spending the night doing the horizontal mambo, or so viewers will be lead to believe.

So, who finds true love in Tulum and who leaves the show single and ready to mingle? If Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct, here’s what viewers can expect. [Spoilers Ahead]

Marcus and Lacy
Will anyone be surprised when Marcus Grodd proposes to Lacy Faddoul on the finale? Probably not. After all, Marcus is a man on a love mission,and he didn’t disappoint. Reality Steve spoiled the happy ending for this couple before the season before the premiere, and it’s evident that they are smitten with each other. Will their relationship last past their vacation at the Tulum Love Shack? As of now, they are still engaged and planning to marry, but as with any relationship that starts on reality TV, time will tell.

Graham and AshLee
This relationship was doomed right from the start. Even host Chris Harrison pegged this couple as one of those who wouldn’t make it, telling TV Guide that their “foundation was cracked the moment they started dating” on Bachelor in Paradise. AshLee put far too much pressure on Graham, almost forcing him to stay exclusive all season. He may be a nice guy, but viewers will find out that he can’t be forced into a relationship. Reality Steve states that he will break it off with AshLee and skip the Fantasy Suite. Can anyone blame him?

Robert and Sarah
The relationship between Robert and Sarah was awkward, at best. This couple seemed to be in the friend zone with very little romance between them. Even their attempt at getting hot and steamy in the pool on their date (Episode 5) was hard to watch. Yes, they hugged, but the kiss was nothing short of a first-grade peck on the lips from the cutest boy in class.

On Episode 6, Sarah’s man crush, Brooks Forester arrived in Tulum, making her rethink her barely-there romance with Robert but she sticks by Robert and they spend the night in the Fantasy Suite on the finale. As expected, their pseudo-romance fizzles and they both depart single and ready to find love off-screen.

Cody and Michelle
This couple is a big surprise to anyone who watches the show, but Michelle Money said she came on Bachelor in Paradise to find love, and that she did. Although Cody seemed to throw himself at Michelle when he first arrived in Tulum on Episode 4, they made a connection that reportedly lasts beyond their night in the Fantasy Suite. They will not get engaged on the finale, but as The Inquisitr previously reported,
Cody recently moved out of his apartment in Chicago and moved to Utah to be closer to Michelle and her daughter.

Two newly formed relationships don’t fare as well. Tasos and Christie never make it to the Fantasy Suite and things come to an end for Zach and Jackie as well. That’s proof positive that coming into the show late, or starting a new relationship late in the game, doesn’t give the cast members enough time to make a love connection.

Do any of these relationships, or break-ups, surprise you? Watch the drama unfolds on Episode 6, airing Monday, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and the big Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale on Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. ET.