Miss America 2014 Parade Will Feature 3D Printed Shoes

The upcoming Miss America 2014 parade in New Jersey will play host to its first ever 3D printed shoes. Maggie Bridges, Miss Georgia, will be wearing the new style of footwear made by her school Georgia Tech.

3D printing has taken off in recent years as a relatively inexpensive way to produce common household objects independent of the corporations. While some have used it for relatively pointless creations, others have found practical uses for the process.

The creation of anything 3D printed involves a precise 3D plan on a connected computer, and sometimes these plans are sold by various manufacturers for a fee. The materials are usually suggested in the plans themselves and often involve plastics, being easier to mold than other materials.

The process was even featured on The Big Bang Theory with Simon Helberg and Kunar Nayyal’s characters Howard and Rajesh buying a printer with the intention of creating work materials. By the end of the episode, they ended up making dolls of themselves.

The Miss America 2014 parade on Saturday, September 13 will use the results of this process to promote what could be a new wave in inexpensive footwear fashion. Southern beauty Maggie Bridges will be wearing them for the stage competition called “Show Us Your Shoes.” The footwear was designed by Maren Sonne, Jordan Thomas and Julia Brooks. They took design guidance from Dr. Wayne Li, professor of industrial design, to create the fantastic shoes.

The Miss America parade will take place once again on the traditionally used Atlantic City Boardwalk. The beauty competition will begin the next day.

Other events which will see a comeback with this year’s show are the swimsuit, talent, evening wear, private interview, and on-stage question. Representative beauties from all 52 states and territories will be at the show to once again give us a taste of their own individual cultures.

Are you excited to see the Miss America 2014 competition and the “Show Us Your Shoes” parade? This will be the first time that 3D printed footwear will be featured in the show, a special treat brought to us by Georgia Tech student Maggie Bridges.

[image via Bing]