Disqus Updates WordPress API Plugin, Now Supports Seesmic

2.0 commenting service Disqus has updated their API WordPress plugin, adding support for Seesmic commenting.

The API version of the plugin, unlike the more commonly used Javascript version, renders text on a blog so that it can be seen by search engines, one of the main selling points for those who like the idea of using a service such as Disqus, but don’t want to lose the SEO benefits of a vibrant comment thread.

The new version is officially an “interim release” so it may have bugs (consider it a beta), but I’ve just installed it here at The Inquisitr to see how it works. The biggest reason to update: support for Seesmic commenting, a feature that has been available on the javascript version for quite some time.

Those interested can download the plugin here. Note as above: it’s offered caveat emptor, so if you experience any serious issues, be prepared to flip back to the earlier, official API release. Also Disqus CEO Daniel Ha asks that if you do spot any bugs, to let him know.