#IfMyPhoneGotHacked Trends After Celebrity Phone Hacking

After it was reported by The Inquisitr that the phones of Jennifer Lawrence and numerous other celebrities were hacked, Twitter users decided to take a light-hearted approach to the situation by making a hashtag called #IfMyPhoneGotHacked.

Many of the posts with the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked hashtag are either descriptions of what people would find in that person’s phone or they were a collection of photos from the phone. One example is CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca looking like he’s about to receive a kiss from an alpaca.

And here are a few others from the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked trend:

#IfMyPhoneGotHacked pic.twitter.com/wAHlqCjXCv

— Beep Notorious (@NotoriousBeep) September 1, 2014

#IfMyPhoneGotHacked http://t.co/PaFjWjpigD — darth™ (@darth) September 1, 2014

Oddly enough, there were quite a few One Direction fans who decided to submit something to the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked hashtag.

#ifmyphonegothacked you would find a lot of pictures of these boys and nothing else pic.twitter.com/ryrIKV42gf — 爱与幸福 (@ForeverZaynie) September 1, 2014

While Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick didn’t add the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked hashtag to her tweet, she did reveal what would be in her phone. Kendrick screen captured a text from her brother saying that he has “never been happier” to not see the actress’ name “on a list.”

In a related report from the Sydney Morning Herald, Perez Hilton posted the uncensored photos of Lawrence and Victoria Justice on his website. He then received backlash and decided to post censored versions. Hilton then admitted on Twitter that he didn’t “feel comfortable” with the censored ones, either, and he removed them from his site. He has apologized for his actions.

How do you feel about the #IfMyPhoneGotHacked trend?

[Featured images via Twitter]