Selena Gomez’s Choices, Romance With Justin Bieber Supported By Friend

Selena Gomez’s friend Jamie Chung is speaking out in support of the Latina’s star’s personal choices, including her recently rekindled romance with Justin Bieber.

It would be fair to say Selena Gomez’s recently rekindled romance with Justin Bieber has not gone down too well in most quarters, unless you’re a card-carrying Jelena devotee.

But, despite the gnashing, at least one of Gomez’s pals seems to have realized the words personal life means exactly that.

Actress and ex-reality show personality Jamie Chung, 31, has known the Latina actress-singer for years and both co-star in the William H. Macy-directed drama Rudderless.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Chung defended Selena’s reunion with the Biebs and insists her pal considers the steps she takes.

“In terms of her personal decisions, you can’t tell someone what to do. They’re going to discover that on their own,” Jamie told The News.

Chung continued: “I have faith that she’ll be just fine. I know who she is and she’s a really great girl.”

Jamie isn’t the only celebrity to buck the trend to damn Bieber and Gomez’s relationship.

Blended star Bella Thorne recently responded to a random Twitter user’s inquiry asking for her opinion on Bieber and Gomez, writing:

The infamous Jelena relationship began as a friendship in 2009. Justin and Selena began dating in 2010, going public at Vanity Fair Oscar bash in 2011. They first broke up in 2012, but it would later become apparent over 2013-2014 that the pair’s on and off dynamic is a constant.

The lovebirds’ latest reconciliation ignited concerns — both real and fabricated — because of Justin’s legal run-ins, and at times questionable conduct.

The 20-year-old was recently placed on two-years probation after pleading no contest to an egging-related vandalism charge.

The last few months haven’t been a walk in the park for Selena either.

Last December, she pulled out of her “Stars Dance” tour citing personal reasons.

On January 5, Selena secretly checked into a rehab facility in Arizona for two weeks. Her rep later said the star wasn’t treated for substance addiction, while a source told E! News she had been having issues “letting go” of her relationship with Justin.

As far as Chung is concerned though, there is no cause for alarm.

“She has a good head on her shoulders. She comes from a really good family,” she said, which was more or less what Chung told E! last month regarding tabloid speculation about the “Come & Get It” singer.

“Yeah, totally, that’s a bunch of BS,” Chung then told E! about whatever scandal the usual suspect sites were peddling about Gomez.

At the time, Jamie added: “I mean, her personal life is her personal life… but she’s a good woman and she comes from a really good family.”

Meanwhile, Bieber and Gomez’s romantic getaway in Canada continues.

The loved-up pair have been in the “Baby” singer’s native country since last Wednesday.

They have been spotted holding hands, riding an ATV and horseback riding and showing sweet PDA at a birthday bash this weekend in the Bieb’s Stratford, Ontario hometown.

Jelena forever?