Lil Wayne, Drake Find Their Names On NYPD Watch List

Lil Wayne and Drake are famously making their way across the U.S., leaving countless satisfied fans in their wake. Unfortunately for the duo, certain law enforcement agencies are keeping a watchful eye on their shenanigans.

Since police believe rappers tend to generate a fair amount of trouble — obviously they haven’t paid too much attention to country music concerts as of late — Lil Wayne and a few other like-minded musicians were recently singled out by the New York Police Department. Apparently, Weezy needs special attention from authorities.

According to SOHH, the NYPD has an entire division set aside for hip-hop artists. Not only do these cops make sure Lil Wayne is minding his manners, they’re also instructed to pay close attention to what Chris Brown, French Montana, and Drake are doing these days. As soon as they catch a whiff of trouble, these dedicated officers spring into action.

How do we know the NYPD has Lil Wayne on its radar? An anonymous source recently shared a few details about this special watch list to Page Six. To summarize: Police know what Weezy and his pals are doing and that’s the way they like it.

“All New York club owners are required to inform the Hip-Hop Police in advance if anyone on the watch list is coming in. They want to be there to monitor the crowd and in case any trouble starts. They don’t want any situations like the Suge Knight shooting. If something does go down, they want to already be on the scene.”

Lil Wayne and Drake may seem like easy targets, but they’re not the only ones one the NYPD list. According to XXL, the Hip-Hop Police stopped by Jennifer Lopez’s recent show in the Bronx simply because French Montana was reportedly slated to appear.

The source had a few slivers of info about this situation as well.

“If there is a show going on, they are there. Their job is to investigate crimes and curtail violence in the hip-hop industry. So when they find out there is a beef between rappers, they monitor it. They are plainclothes cops, they go to clubs and shows. They were at J.Lo’s show in The Bronx because French Montana and Fat Joe were coming.”

Word to the wise: If you’re at a Lil Wayne show and the person standing next to you kind of looks like a cop, then it’s probably best not to fire up that blunt or start raging against the proverbial machine. After all, the authorities are watching.

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