Liv Tyler Wants More Children: ‘Arwen’ Opens Up On Family Plans

Liv Tyler wants to have more children. The former Lord of the Rings star has opened up on her urges to expand on the family.

Originally thought to be the daughter of rock star Todd Rundgren, Playboy bunny Bebe Buell’s daughter discovered the truth of who her real father was after confronting her mother at the age of 12. It was her remarkable similarities to Steven Tyler’s other daughter Mia that convinced her something wasn’t right.

Nearly a decade later, the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler caught her own break, though ironically in the second of Michael Bay’s major films to be considered a standard among bad movies, Armageddon. She redeemed herself later when she won the upgraded role of Arwen in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and later opposite Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk.

After her success onscreen, it seems Liv Tyler has given up on earlier childhood dreams. Instead she wants to be the one raising the next generation, but we can only hope she has learned from her roots. Being the daughter of a Playboy bunny who lied to her from the beginning about which rock star was her real father, her priorities could easily stray.

After Tyler’s failed marriage to Royston Langdon, she isn’t in any hurry to get married again, though she has been allegedly dating Dave Gardner. Apparently she isn’t against having more children out of wedlock, or so it seems.

Tyler claims after her first marriage, her ideas of family happiness have changed:

“That’s something interesting that happens in your thirties. You’re not in the stage anymore of princes and happily ever after. It’s a different stage of acceptance and [realization] about the realities of love and relationships. Forever is a long time.”

Her reluctance to get married again isn’t stopping Liv Tyler from wanting more children though:

“I hope I will have more children. I’m 100 [percent] planning on it. If the stork could just drop it off on my roof, I’d be so happy, I’d have, like, 20.”

After a statement like that, many single moms these days would probably wonder if Tyler isn’t simply hiring a nanny to do most of the work. Otherwise, Tyler’s 30s and 40s could easily vanish in what feels like a heartbeat. She is already 37-years old, and the proverbial biological clock is ticking.

The way Liv Tyler is devoting her time to 9-year-old Milo and turning down roles to be a good mother, it seems like she’s doing it right.

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