Avril Lavigne Divorce? Canadian Rocker Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring

Avril Lavigne is one of the many celebrities battling divorce rumors these days. Obviously, the internet obviously has nothing better to do with its free time.

Whenever someone famous ventures into public without his or her wedding ring, people immediately begin to speculate. Is there something terrible happening behind the scenes? Are they headed toward a divorce? Does infidelity factor into the equation? It really doesn’t matter what actually happened as long as the gossip generates plenty of attention.

Such is the case of poor Avril Lavigne. The “Hello Kitty” singer was reportedly spotted without her wedding ring, which naturally means she and husband Chad Kroeger are coming to the end of their relationship. Not because she left the bauble at home out of fear of losing it. No, it’s divorce. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Perez Hilton, of course, was quick to point out that Lavigne was sans wedding ring during her adventure through West Hollywood last week. Although the site suggested that perhaps she left the 31-carat item at home, this didn’t stop Hilton and his gang from tossing the idea directly into the ever-churning rumor mill.

According to the Daily Mail, Avril was reportedly propped up by friends as they made their way along a cobbled street. Was this due to the singer consuming copious amounts of alcohol during her night out the ladies? That’s debatable, though the publication theorizes it may have something to do with the high heels she rocked that evening.

Need pictures? The Inquisitr is always here to help.

Unfortunately, Avril Lavigne finds her name popping up in headlines quite. In addition to her marriage and music, the rocker’s behavior is often tackled by the tabloids. When Lavigne and Kroeger allegedly caused trouble at a California hotel earlier this summer, it didn’t take long for an anonymous source to spill the beans to Life & Style magazine.

“They stayed at the Sixty hotel in Beverly Hills recently, for four days and three night, and it was a complete nightmare. They wanted filet mignon, but it wasn’t on the menu… then they would call [room service] every five minutes to check on the order! One evening, Chad had too much to drink at the hotel bar and mocked a waitress. [Plus] there were also a lot of noise complaints from other guests. And when they finally checked out, their room was left in complete disarray. It looked like a disaster and took housekeeping a long time to clean up.”

What does all this nonsense mean? It’s probably not wise to put too much faith into what the tabloids are saying about Avril Lavigne. If she’s getting divorced from Chad Kroeger, chances are you’ll know the whole truth before long.

[Lead image via people.com and cosmopolitan,it]