Armored Truck Crashes, Overturns, Spills Money On Highway

An armored truck crashed on a Cranston, Rhode Island highway at the Reservoir Avenue overpass, forcing southbound traffic to be diverted onto the exit for northbound Reservoir Avenue. When the vehicle overturned, it dumped white canvas duffel bags and clear plastic bags filled with money on the asphalt. The shocking sight quickly drew a crowd of interested bystanders.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta Jr., the Garda truck was traveling southbound on Route 10 Saturday afternoon when the driver of an armored truck lost control, reported The Providence Journal. Valletta described the scene at the time emergency personnel arrived at the armored truck crash site. It is unknown whether bystanders took any of the loot.

“There were bags of it all over the place. There were quite a few people here.”

State police oversaw the transfer of the bags of cash from the crashed armored truck into a second Garda vehicle. GardaWorld Security Corp. is based in Canada and boasts more than 3,500 armored trucks in its fleet.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another armored truck spilled its load of cash on the road earlier this month. This armored car didn’t crash, but its back doors did fly open, discharging bags of money on the road in front of Cass Tech High School in Detroit. Of two men who allegedly snatched the fallen cash and ran, one was taken into custody for questioning while the other apparently got away with the loot.

Unbelievably, things like this happen more often than you would think. In February 2013, an armored truck spilled money as it traveled a bumpy road. When the rear doors malfunctioned, bills and coins fell in a shower from the back of the truck. A fellow traveler saw the loot pouring from the back of the vehicle and stopped to help until police arrived. According to a report by The Inquisitr, “In all, they [the police] counted 70 bags of $1 bills, six boxes of quarters, two boxes of dimes, two boxes of nickels, and 12 boxes of pennies.”

Unfortunately, both the driver and the passenger of the armored truck that crashed in Cranston sustained injuries in the accident. They were transported via ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. The two Garda employees reportedly sustained cuts, bruises and potential neck and back injuries in the incident. Police said it was fortunate that the guard seated in the rear of the vehicle with the cash was not more seriously injured when the armored car crashed, reported CBS.

[Image via Providence Journal]