Some Apple users are so cute in their fandom

So … today was a big day for Apple and the first ever Philnote for the masses with announcements about DRM being removed from iTunes and a unibody MacBook Pro among some other stuff. While most of the blogosphere seems to be in a state of Yawn over it that has stopped some from enthusiastically proclaiming it as one of the best keynotes.

This was displayed perfectly on a comment over at HackerNews on a post titled Did Steve Jobs just Sacrifice Phil Schiller

5 points by tptacek 59 minutes ago | link

Did you watch the keynote?* A 17" MBP with an 8 hour battery.* for document sharing* New Pages, Keynote, and Numbers; Pages links with Numbers now, which is huge* Garageband has guitar and piano lessons built in (!)* iMovie stole a bunch of features from FCP and has real camera stabilization* iPhoto has face detection* And oh yeah they got rid of DRM on iTMS

This keynote is bigger than any number of Stevenotes. Snow Leopard didn't even rate

The last line has to be the big rib tickler but let's look at a couple of the other points this enthusiastic person threw out there.

Regarding the new Pages, Keynote and numbers the commenter suggests that the fact that Pages links with Numbers as being huge. This is in total contrast with other's I have read who are calling the new version a nice point upgrade but nothing to write home about.

Of course, there was the overly enthusiastic point about Apple finally catching up with the industry and removing any DRM on music via iTunes. DUH! This has been the practice of the other major player in the space for a while now. Nothing new here.. just an admittance that DRM is toast and if the company wants to maintain its dominant position it needs to get rid of it.

But here's the real kicker. The idea that a 17" MacBook Pro with a unibody construction is a great idea because it has an 8-hour battery life might seem really cool – except for one thing – you can't remove the battery. Nope, the battery is unreachable by the person who paid their hard earned money for the laptop. This means that once your battery has reached its end of life you have to pay Apple to replace it for you. WTF.. please don't tell me that people really think this is a great idea?

So as I asked my folks on Twitter - "so Apple folks how would you rate today's keynote announcements - a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being fantastic" – what do you think?