Annoyed Parent Stabs Three Schoolchildren To Death In China Before Committing Suicide

Three school children in China were stabbed to death by a deranged man after his daughter was denied admission to the school, reports Reuters. The attacker, who has not been named, entered the school premises situated in the city of Shiyan in China’s Hubei province and started attacking children assembled there on the first day of the new school term after the summer vacations.

The man fatally stabbed three children and injured several others. Eight other children were injured in the attack. In the melee that followed the fatal stabbing, the man managed to climb up the stairs of the building and jumped off it, committing suicide, reports the state-owned broadcaster CCTV News. The attacker is also reported to have injured a teacher employed at the school, according to BBC. The three grievously injured children were taken to a nearby hospital – but they died on their way there.

While there was initially some confusion regarding the identity of the person behind the attack, it has now been established that he was the father of a student who studied at the same school. He was apparently miffed at the school authorities because his daughter was not registered for the new term since she had not completed her assignments for the previous term. Police officials also add that he gained entry into the school premises saying that he was there to talk about the registration of his daughter for the new term.

The newest attack at school children in China raises questions about the security of school children in the country. This is not the first time that an incident of this nature has been reported from China. While violent crime itself is low in China, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of attacks on school children in recent years. Chinese schools do not have armed guards or security that could stop an attack of this nature. However, proposals to increase security at schools are being considered following this latest attack.

Back in 2012, 22 children were injured by an attacker in another Chinese school. This incident was reported from the central province of Henan. Earlier this year in May, another school was attacked, and eight school children were injured in a similar attack.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]