50 Inning Baseball Game In Japan Lasted Four Days [Video]

A 50 inning baseball game in Japan may have some sports fans wondering if Japan loves baseball more than we love football. But how could a game last that long in the first place?

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We all know that baseball games can last a bit long if the extra innings keep on chugging, but in this case the game kept going… and going… and going without any seeming end in sight. Crazily enough, the 50 inning baseball game was not even a professional sporting event, nor did anyone score until the very end.

Chukyo and Sotoku high schools managed to take the game scoreless until the final inning as part of their semifinal matchup in the 59th National High School Rubber Baseball Tournament. The biggest difference is the rubber ball, which does not travel as far through the air after an impact with the bat.

The game statistics are also amazingly high in addition to the number of innings. Chukyo’s starting pitcher, Taiga Matsui, threw 709 pitches and allowed 26 hits over his 50 innings while his opponent, Jukiya Ishioka of Sotoku, threw 689 pitches and allowed 22 hits. To top it off, Matsui came in on as relief in the next game and took his team to win the championship.

“This game was the physically hardest ever for me,” Matsui said. “But I showed my spirit. As my teammates scored three runs (in the 50th inning), I was able to throw in a relaxed manner in the bottom of the inning. Ishioka was a good rival for me.”

Ishioka said it was “a good experience for me to pitch until the last. I had fatigue not only today [Aug. 31] but also yesterday and the day before yesterday. But I asked our coach to use me as a starter today.”

The 50 inning baseball game video is fairly long in of itself, lasting 19 minutes, but the game ended with three scores. Two of the scores occur at the 6:30 mark while the inning wrapped up at 15:30. According to The Washington Post, here is a description of how the game ended.

“In the semifinal, the game was suspended in a scoreless tie after the 15th inning on Aug. 28. The extended contest continued from the 16th inning to the 30th inning on Aug. 29, and from the 31st inning to the 45th inning on Aug. 30 but was still deadlocked at 0-0. On Aug. 31, however, Chukyo broke the tie in the top of the 50th inning and won 3-0, putting it in the record books as the longest game in tournament history. The previous record was 25 innings.”

Assuming that the 50 inning baseball game had kept on going there is actually a rule to prevent the players from dropping from sheer exhaustion. In the worst case scenario, if a game is still tied after 54 innings the winner is determined by a drawing.